I don't have enough arms, this is beautiful #tattoo #ink:


Dreamcatcher tattoo design by on deviantART i absolutely love how the sun and planets are in the center! such an awesome idea!


30 Powerful Lioness Tattoo Ideas - Tattoo of the lioness is more common for females. It is explained by a desire to show own femininity. The woman thinks: “I’m a mother (or future mother). So what kind of tattoo will be …

I think I've found what I've been looking for

Blackwork tattoos are the way to go, and the Kings of blackwork tattoos work at BleuNoir tattoo Art Shop. These tattoos are pure gold, enjoy!

Something like this with the hummingbird

Do you need a tattoo that naturally show off your sexy place? If your answer is yes, then inner arm tattoo is the best choice for your femin.