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I hope this happens soon.

i've had cotton since i bought him from the pet shop. i think it kinda counts as the same thing. but i've never had a dog its entire life. i've had a cat for its entire life. but cats are different.

If only someone would get my the $30 one at CVS fort bday on feb 12....sigh

No need my hair's already naturally straight. Maybe perfectly wave it?

BucketList: Compete on America's Next Top Model

or Holland's next top model, cause I live in the Netherlands. Just for fun, not to win


An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

love photography pretty Illustration art cute rainbow life beautiful Awesome live artist clouds world amazing colorful scenery color waterscape lnadscape -landscape

These are the best u need to try them comment if u have or want to

The Teen Bucket List- since I have saw it on icarly I have always wondered what they taste like! Soooo I made them. Check that off the bucket list ✔

✔Done this, still doing it!

Air 1 and that one Christian rock station are my favs! Love K-Love as well!

i've done it before when i was little, it'd be fun to do again

Bucket List - Completed: get ice cream from an ice cream truck