where the wild things are, how cutie?

Smiling lamb makes us so happy! Check out these smiley animals for a quick pick-me-up!

Baby miniature sheep

olde english babydoll sheep - Just way too cute! I want a baby lamb.

♔ Agneau

She is not a leg of lamb. She is without sin, gentle snd defenseless. If you would not harm her with your own hand then you must not participate in this circle of death. If you care you go vegan.

I think I wuv this wabbit.  I do. I do.

This is the cutest bunny rabbit I've ever seen. I just want to squeeze it to death it's so cute!


Babydoll sheep - "The smiling fuzzy faced sheep." I need one & a mini pigme goat

I wave my hands up in the air sometimes...

I wave my hands up in the air sometimes...


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They must be a noisy couple! A lamb and duckling mid-song...

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Awww cuteee <3 <3

happy little lamb, Wales I can't not smile at this. Ah, I love this lambie!