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floral design - sholder

Vintage Hollywood Glam in Wine Country from Allyson Wiley

Ngoc Minh Ngo is a photographer based in New York, represented by Pat Bates and Associates.

I love the mood this gives off.  I think the light has a lot to do with that.

Pink Poppies - I love Poppies! I have a ton of them in my garden and they multiply so well.

Red Poppy Flower Meaning - Consolation in some cases (generally more symbolic of White Poppies), Pleasure in others. Eternal Sleep; Oblivion. Sleep and Dreams. Fun-Loving in Japanese Hanakotoba. United Kingdom Red Poppies are the symbols of Remembrance of the Fallen in War.

Poppies are such an underated flower, full of crimson beauty and poignant meaning