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I've never liked the Orlando Bloom Legolas, but I've gotta admit he's kinda cute like this ^_^

I usually really don't like Manga/Anime art of any kind especially of characters I like but this looks really great. Even his expression is perfect! And I LUV how this is Legolas! My fav character from Lord of the Rings (and Hobbit) in anime version!

An elfling trying to touch the stars and a father trying to keep him close

nevui-penim-miruvorrr: “ parvuspapilio: “ ssbobpul: “ Thranduil Legolas ” sudden sad thought about how Thranduil told Legolas that his mother has gone up to the stars and became one of them and is now.

Трандуил Thranduil by AndreevaPolina on DeviantArt

Oropher Thranduil father's death - Bloody Elven-king by Brilcrist.deviantart.com on @deviantART Oropher was a Sinda from Doriath who, following the destruction of Beleriand and the War of Wrath, was unwilling to leave Middle-earth for Aman (as were many other Elves). He died in the Battle of Dagorlad as they were cut off in the Dead Marshes from the main force, whilst two-thirds of Oropher's army also perished.:

Oropher Thranduil father's death - Bloody Elven-king by…