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little bird.

Luca Rossi on

"Robin in the Rain" sung by Raffi Written by Claire Senior Burke. OR was it Brychan B. Powell of Scranton, PA? A few days ago I rece.

In the Arms of Sleep

Common Redpoll sweety- I had to PIN this little bird as its beauty just touched my heart- GOD created such special creatures for us to enjoy and we preserve them for the future


Bird Photography, Seagull, Heermann's Gull, Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Hover with Cirrus Clouds

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In my back yard yesterday...

Bluebird On Branch by Crystal Joy Photography - Bluebird On Branch Photograph - Bluebird On Branch Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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Cute little bird. #color #birds

Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), also known as Eurasian Kingfisher, or River Kingfisher. It is a small kingfisher with seven subspecies recognized within its wide distribution across Eurasia and North Africa.

Beauty of His Creations

Amazing Wild Animal Pictures – 40 Pics Dancing Egret by Craig ONeal Crowned Crane wolf

King Fisher .... perfect shot

30+ Perfectly Captured Bird Photography


Woodpeckers In Southern Oregon Have Evolved

Northern flicker - they are such a nuisance!--drumming on the metal top of our chimney and screeching like King Kong calling in the jungle.

Spring Hummers an acrylic painting by wildlife artist Danny O'Driscoll

Hummingbird and Purple Iris--- 2 of the most beautiful things in the world. Purple Iris' are the Tennessee State Flower.