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Oh my gosh it's teen Dan hahaha

Oh my gosh it's teen Dan hahaha


and to celebrate, I am putting my excited Kyle gifs to use: ”

Soo cute

Kyle Simmons Sleep Time <-------he's like a little koala. Look at how peaceful he is.

#2. Working on it. pic.twitter.com/NemM3x7TiL


Mar 19 2015 Last year we started making our second album in a backstage room in Manchester and on a bus in Scotland.

Dan Smith (LEGS !!!!!)it's terrible really we have no shirtless pics of him so we get excited when we see any skin at all....legs included lol.

Dan Smith of Bastille, in shorts, on his computer, on his phone

I swear he is an angel

Sleeping Dan: I always feel like a creeper when I pin these

Dan Smith and his great dancing <----- He dances majestically in my opinion << He dances better than me

Kyle is standing and being cool, meanwhile Dan is dancing like a maniac in the words of Woody XD I love them XD

tumblr_nbui8malAy1tnsiz2o1_500.gif (500×325)

I love dan smith more than myself