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He sure does.

It's hard for my Heart to smile, but there are those precious memories of times and moments we shared that will always bring a smile to my heart.


I do not like Girls who always say."I'm fat, I'm ugly, I am not beautiful". It is like they are having a pity party and only people who disagree and insist the opposite are invited. Shut Up and Listen for once.

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REMEMBER: there is always people who like you for you. no matter how alone you may feel, you are not. you are so terribly not alone, that you would cry if you could see how much you mean.

where have you been all my life! I am so glad we found eachother

I really just absolutely adore you.I can't live without you. You are my life. my universe.


After 11 years you still get my adrenaline pumping when i see you.I'm so excited to be with you in a couple hours that i just cant go to sleep

I love kissing you

One of the many things that I love to do is to kiss you. I love our kisses they're passionate and romantic, they're lustful and sexual, they are all giving and completely fulfilling. I love you Karen

Definitely going above the bed :)

QUOTE: Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite ( thought for a tattoo idea?

I love you!

Mom, my heart aches each & every day since you left me.you were not only my wonderful mother, but my best friend.my heart is FOREVER BROKEN.

70 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY #237 – Funnyfoto | Funny Pictures - Videos - Gifs - Page 73

70 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY #237 – Funnyfoto | Funny Pictures - Videos - Gifs - Page 73