Words of wisdom Nico. Words of wisdom ,will do

Percy Jackson and the Olympians quote- nico. Must rember to use this when housework is happening

Leo Valdez. O.M.G this just blew up in my face. Me: Fangirls. Dies. Reawakenes. Screames. Repeats.

The funniest thing happened the other day. I saw the letters L O V and E on the ground and instead of rearranging it to form "love", I rearranged it to form "LEO V" without really thinking about it. I thought I was the only one that realized.

Top 25 Percy jackson Quotes #Percy Jackson #Quotes

Top 25 Percy jackson Quotes

The relationship between gods and their children!

Except with Zeus and Thalia. Zeus is realy proud of Thalia but is to proud (or scared of his wife) to do anything more than her stand next to him then look all smug.