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3x11 "Mystery Spot" - "How many Tuesdays did you have?"

[SET OF GIFS] "What, you gonna sleep all day?" Mystery Spot, Supernatural - much funnier when you've seen the whole episode

Clever ;)

"No, the one in Miami." Dean telling Garth he went to purgatory. Well, apparently there was a gay bar in Miami called Purgatory.

Beard or no beard? Both, both, both is good - Supernatural - Dean and Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki - Life's tough questions

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how they go from meeting your parents to real quick like yes please babes <<< yes but I like scruffy Jensen and Jesus beard Jared

The comments make it even better

''Give me a fucking break, I'm about to die for your ass, appreciate it.'' HAHAHAHA / Assbutt :)>>>the worst thing is that in Italian it wasn't this funny :/

And Jensen just looks stoked to be married to someone as awesome as her

I'm honestly so jealous of them right now. He literally has a fairy tale wedding and right now I'm getting married in my mind to fictional characters.


Dean, castiel, and Sam. The most sophisticated version of the three stooges.

That would be the most satisfying thing to see their faces and grab for their salt.

I feel like we all need this

[gif] they only washed their clothes, like, once. in season 6 wasn't it? << it was season four episode fourteen the monster at the end of this book

Supernatural fandom--I know I've already pinned it but I couldn't help pinning it again!

Sam Winchester wait are they in the middle of nowhere if he is doing research on his computer with wifi that is very Sam