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Not true. I got maybe 5 hours last night... Ok, so it is true.

livefitdiefit: “Fueled by caffeine and dreams.

If it doesn't have any meaning in my life, it's not on my radar at all. It's embarrassing at times because some of those things are very important to other people.

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes why is this so true?

I don't want to look pretty. I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening.


I don't want to look "pretty". I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening.

OH MY GOD! YES! I do this, all the time, and then I worry about it for ever, and I just now, looking at this post, realized what a huge problem that actually is for me.

It's an INFP thing Rewriting texts so you don't sound mean or rude. I don't know why I bother half the time though because people misunderstand me anyway.

Remember that.  = )

Being called Weird is like being called Limited Edition. It means you're something people don't see that often. Remember That. I get called weird so often!

ENTPs tell you EVERYTHING, but we are such and eccentrically eclectic personality that it's so hard for people to really know us no matter how much we share.

Love me some Rumi quotes.

For example, my ex-MIL thought she knew so much about me. Truth is, all she knew was common knowledge, she never actually KNEW me.

INFP - To say - Introvert - MBTI private people master not telling you anything but making you think you know a lot

INTP. Stop listening to what you think I'm saying and listen to the words actually coming out of my mouth - I choose them carefully.

“ I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”― Alan Greenspan

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If you command me to do something I had already planned on doing the chances of me doing it drops to zero.

INTJ ~ ~ ~ ~ True, so keep your mouth shut.


'Deep conversations with the right people are priceless.' [So true]

INFP | One moment you're trying to help the world become a better place, the next you want to disappear from everyone and everything

ENFP- that's why we're called the extroverted introvert or the introverted extrovert<--This explains SO much of my life oh my goshhhhh!


"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." Step out of comfort zone, take chances, make mistakes, and go for your dreams :) Bill Cosby


I love hearing old songs I forgot about. They're like memories that you love and replay just to get the feeling back💔💔💔

This is the tag line of any Paramedic shift I've ever worked!  That and "Oops!" pretty much are my business.

Random Brain Snot ("Due to Unfortunate Circumstance I am Awake" This should be a tee shirt. therefore it's going on the tee shirt board.

#xoKxo ~Kisxbliss

I'll admit it. In my book of life? You either lay in your puddle of tears and drown in it (boo-hoo-pfft) Or you stand up proud and tall, and change it. Re-write your story. You are the artist, of your life. Let it fuel you.