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Footprint squirrel craft

With the summer nearing, our yard has become a playground for many furry backyard creatures. The bunnies are hopping, the chipmunks are scurrying & the squirrels are gathering nuts. Squirrels were one of the first…Continue Reading…

Apple print made out of footprints

Aa is for Apple **outline to make it look more like an apple** (Apple print made out of footprints)

footprint beaver

B- Footprint beaver! Lots of fun ideas for handprints and footprints on this site Patton

Squirrel craft. Trace onto brown construction paper. Cut & glue onto colored paper. Used regular brown tempera paint and sponges for tail. Would be cool to use the glue/paint/shaving cream technique with sponges for a fluffy looking tail. (That takes longer to dry.) Don't forget to add an acorn or apple in his paw!

Great for squirrel acorn day. Cut out of brown paper. Sponge paint tail and add acorn