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Tree Frogs On A Branch

“Frog Story” by Harfian Herdi — Nature & Wildlife, Open 25 Of The Best Photos From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

Gymnastics  By @yensen_tan                              …

Jakarta Indonésie: La grenouille acrobate de The frog pulling itself up on the branch. This tiny frog looks as though he is putting on a gymnastics performance as he clings onto a branch with his hands and feet striking an impressive pose.

A tree frog appears to flip the bird at photographer

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Tree frog appears to give rude gesture like Adele The Sun News

In a Perfect World...

~~Chachi Tree Frog ~ Hypsiboas Picturatus by Pete Oxford~~ One third of frogs are endangered mostly critically

Imbabura Tree Frog - Hypsiboas picturatus (Hylidae)The species occurs in southwestern Colombia and northwestern Ecuador, in the Pacific lowlands.Photo credit: ©Angela León | Locality: Milpe, Ecuador (2013)

libutron: “ Imbabura Tree Frog - Hypsiboas picturatus Hypsiboas picturatus (Hylidae) is a highly colorful treefrog with extremely large eyes with yellow irises, a truncated snout, and variable.

Peacock Tree Frog - Bing Images

Peacock Tree Frog (Leptopelis vermiculatus) I am actually getting 3 o f these tomorrow, so excited! Their home is well established now and growing great and ready for its inhabitants!