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Rainbow Brite :)

Rainbow Brite and the color kids! I used to love this cartoon when I was a kid.

Who didn't love rainbow brite!

While I made made in the tail end of the I still LOVED Rainbow Bright!

Rainbow Bright and Patio Green! Dolly had Rainbow Bright, (of course) and I had Patio Green!

I LOVED Rainbow Bright!! This show was great and the doll matched my sheet set!!

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Rainbow Brite was always my favorite! Best cartoon ever! They remade strawberry shortcake, little ponies, and care bears! It's time to bring back Rainbow Brite!

blast from the past 1960 and 70 | Blast from the past! | MEMORIES 70'S & 80'S

multicolor pen, and yes I did try to pull 2 colors at once all the time

omg the wuzzles! I had a sweet Wuzzles sleeping bag back in the day.

Omg, the Wuzzles! I had a sweet Wuzzles sleeping bag back in the day and a stuffed Butterbear.

THE 80S...❤ ❤OMG!! Loved this as a little girl❤ ❤

The when u have a cartoon that heavily features rainbows without people thinking that the main character is gay!

Care Bears - care-bears Photo

Care Bears, Friends make good times even better!Wallpaper and background photos of Care Bears for fans of Care Bears images.

Vintage Rainbow Brite pillow case, 1983...I always wanted to be Rainbowbrite!

Vintage Rainbow Brite pillow case, 1983

Vintage Rainbow Brite pillow case, had an entire rainbow brite room!

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Ok..throwback. I totally forgot about these and they were some of my favorites when I was little!! :]

Amelia Bedelia

I remember when I was actually PROUD of myself for being able to read books like these. Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish. My favorite childhood books

The Get Along Gang. For YEARS, I couldn't find anyone who remembered these to tell me what the hell they're names were!

The Getalong Gang with Dotty Dog, Montgomery Moose and Portia Porcupine!