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Tattoo Idea

Title: Love Charra Artist: Mouse Lopez Gunslinger style and a sombrero cover this blonde tattooed woman. She grabs her gunbelt and neck as she looks at the artist. Made-to-order giclee fine art reprod

Would be a great tattoo

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Dia De Los Muertos

Blindfolds and Roses by HanBamBam sugar skull flowers lady woman blind long hair Tattoo Flash Art ~A.

Nice....Luv it.

i want comedy/tragedy masks as a tattoo and i want them to say "pleasure spike with pain" vs the usual "laugh/smile now, cry later". maybe as a half sleeve and i like how feminine these are

Sugar Skull Tattoo DesignCustomer Request A Badass

Day Of The Dead Tattoo Designs Day of the Dead Skulls - kellieslingerland: Sugar Skull Tattoo Design .