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The Liberty Ship was a cargo ship made to a standard for rapid construction during WW2. The US made 2751 such ships during the war, up to 4 a day. They were built on a design from 1879 scaled up for modern use & carried 10,000 tons, the workhorse of the Navy. After the war, they were sold off, primarily to Greece. Two ships remain operational, the John Brown & Jeremiah O'brien, the latter sailing from San Diego to Normandy in 1994, the last original ship from the D-Day invasion in existence.

SS John W. Brown is one of only two surviving operational Liberty ships, photographed in

Imperial Russian battleship "Imperatritsa Mariya" at anchor in Sevastopol, Crimea.

IRN Imperatritsa Mariya - Type: Dreadnought - Launched 1916 Displacement: long tons t) Length: 168 m ft) Speed: 21 knots mph; 39 km/h) Beam: m ft) Draft: m ft) Range: nautical miles km) at 21 knots mph;

Peresvet (Russian: Пересвет) was the lead ship of the three Peresvet-class pre-dreadnought battleships built for the Imperial Russian Navy at the end of the nineteenth century. The ship was transferred to the Pacific Squadron upon completion and based at Port Arthur from 1903. During the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, she participated in the Battle of Port Arthur and was seriously damaged during the Battle of the Yellow Sea and again in the Siege of Port Arthur. The ship was scuttled before…

Imperial Russian battleship Peresvet in Toulon, The Peresvet class was a…