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Родина-мать зовет! - плакат  художник:  Тоидзе

When one speaks of retro art, images of art styles derived from advertising and propaganda posters from to usually flood the mind.

Slava oktiabryu! [Glory to October!], a poster by Evgeny Soloviev (1910-1972). Published by IZOGIZ, Moscow, 1960

Up for Bids: Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Posters. Science and communism are inseparable! That is the basic message of this amazing collection of Soviet space propaganda posters.

Drawn during the cold war, this  soviet propaganda poster shows a young red with an unkind word for our Uncle Sam who here is depicted as a real trouble maker. Our depiction of the Russian bear was at least as negative in those days.

The Greatest Soviet Propaganda Posters Ever

Poster USSR propaganda Soviet 231 от SovietPoster на Etsy

Poster, USSR propaganda, Soviet, 231

"За счастье детей!" 1954 Сурьянинов Василий Васильевич (1903-1991) Государственное издательство «ИЗОГИЗ». МоскваОфсетная печать 78 х 57 см

"For the happiness of our children." Soviet Election Postcard from the to…

Socialist Realism

A priest’s collection of Soviet propaganda posters offers lessons for contemporary America.

"Why are you wracking this?" Пионерские плакаты СССР (19 шт)

"Pourquoi est-ce que tu abîmes(le matériel) ? "Why are you damaging ?

Anti-Alcohol Propaganda

Anti-Alcohol Propaganda

Пятничное настроение

"Demand Sausages Everywhere". A poster in Столовая at GUM, Moscow.

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