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Dit is een propaganda uit de Russische revolutie. Je ziet hier mensen die ontevreden zijn. De leider is Lenin.

I didn't know whether to put this pin here, for the Soviet-era graphic design, or under my "Funny Things" board!

Long live Soviet science. Long life the Soviet man the First Astronaut. Postcard. PROPAGANDA collectible 1961 Moscow

"Glory to the Soviet science! Glory to the Soviet man — the first man in space! Volikov, 1961 April 12 SC RR from Paultry

В край подвигов уходят поезда

Soviet Space Propaganda Posters, In century the rockets race to the stars, the trains are going to the lands of achievements!

soviet space age propaganda

soviet-space-program-propaganda-poster Glory to the Soviet people – the pioneer of space!

Не балуй!

Drawn during the cold war, this soviet propaganda poster shows a young red with an unkind word for our Uncle Sam who here is depicted as a real trouble maker. Our depiction of the Russian bear was at least as negative in those days.

Похожее изображение

Похожее изображение