Jugend cover - 1896 art of the beautiful-grotesque: Jugend : Various Artists

This front cover of an 1896 edition of the German magazine Jugend is decorated in Art Nouveau motifs. Jugend was strongly associated with the style and the magazine’s name inspired the German term for the movement, Jugendstil (“Jugend“-style).

Otto Eckmann

Otto Eckmann (German, Jugenstil painter, graphic artist, and font designer.

Art Nouveau fonts

Books every designer should own

Peter Behrens, “El beso”, 1898

For this post I was inspired by an Art Nouveau programme that I watched this week, these two images are old favourites of mine. Peter behrens 'the kiss' and a poster by Koloman Moser.

Color lithograph of poppies by Alphonse Mucha, c 1902 from Alphonse Mucha: The Sprit of Art Nouveau by V. Arwas

Poppies, color lithograph by Alphonse Mucha, c 1902 Photo: Digital image scanned from 'Alphonse Mucha: The Sprit of Art Nouveau' by Victor Arwas, et .

Magazine cover Jugend 17 December 1898. Jugendstil, art nouveau, art deco.

Tijdschriftomslag Jugend 17 December 1898

Art Nouveau woman with flowers postcard, ca. 1900s

Postcard Art Nouveau Lady/Woman w/Flowers TEL Serie 918 Artist Signed MJS UDB