ur one to talk gray saying SHE'S almost naked

^O^ Fairy TAIL OVA 4 is soo funny especially when I watched the sub. and also my fangirlness within psyched up already to. (Fairy Tail OVA) Gruvia - Things isn't right

In bed [Gray x Lucy] by Kiko-x3.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Damn, I missed Gray and Lyon are fighting over Juvia. well, at least in my fangirl imagination. If Mashima Hiro-san doesn't do any progress for Gru.

My hEART RIGHT NOW! Only Fairy Tail's fandom gets this, right my home dawgs?

Get your meme on!

The last panel there. Chapter 416 of Fairy Tail. It broke my heart Gruvia Gray & Juvia Anime Fairy Tail

Okay I'll admit I was to lazy to read this but till I click on it the feels just blasted me

I want to post this comic at Gruvia week, but I can’t wait anylonger! and I’m truly sorry for my english, but anyone want to rewrite comic, it is okay for me ^_^