Hahahaha the honest/ emotional drunkard :)

^O^ Fairy TAIL OVA 4 is soo funny especially when I watched the sub. and also my fangirlness within psyched up already to. (Fairy Tail OVA) Gruvia - Things isn't right

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Damn, I missed Gray and Lyon are fighting over Juvia. well, at least in my fangirl imagination. If Mashima Hiro-san doesn't do any progress for Gru.

So freaken true god just say u like her already its so frustrating

But we will finally know his answer after the Alvarez War, so hurry up! First Mashima reveals so many secrets, now he's counting down to some big (unknown) event and we are waiting for the epicniss that is yet to come

My hEART RIGHT NOW! Only Fairy Tail's fandom gets this, right my home dawgs?

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The last panel there. Chapter 416 of Fairy Tail. It broke my heart Gruvia Gray & Juvia Anime Fairy Tail

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Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster (Gruvia) from Fairy Tail our fairy tail power couple