Sugar Skull Teen Costume

Sugar Skull Teen Costume

whoa. i really really like this! the intensity in those eyes is paralyzing!

Are you participation in the Sugar Skull event in Kelowna this year? If so, our professional makeup artists have you covered.

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Flower Sugar Skull Makeup Temporary Tattoo

Think I may have found my Halloween costume.  This temp tattoo with a silk flower crown and a funky dress.  Love Day of the Dead art! Sugar Skull Flowers and Hearts Temporary Tattoo for by TattooMint, $12.99

Sugarskull Day Of The Dead Temporary Face Tattoo - costume accessory - Muertos Sugarskull Dress up

Halloween is fast approaching and as we all know, the holiday favors monsters over mortals, hellhounds over humans, and carcasses over common men. While it’s true this is the only time of the year you can dress up to be just about anyone, or anything you like, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without it’s assortment of terrifying creatures of the night. The ghost, the possessed skeleton, and the zombie, to name a few notable ones, truly dominate Halloween. So how do you become one of…

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