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The Divine Zero // Pierce The Veil

The Divine Zero // Pierce The Veil << I will get these lyrics tattooed on my very soul

Favorite PTV lyric.

Pierce The Veil "Caraphernelia" I have a theory about this song. Vic's exgirlfriend's name is Cara. She broke his heart. The word caraphernelia means heart-broke. Vic Fuentes is a genius.

i don't know why I thought this was so funny. I guess it's when I realized they were saying red a bunch and then EVERYTHING REEEEEEEED

only real pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens fans would get this☺

The End | My Chemical Romance

So gather 'round piggies and kiss this goodbye. I encourage your smiles and expect you won't cry! The End~ My Chemical Romance

Pierce the Veil ~ Tangled in the Great Escape

Tangled in the Great Escape - Pierce The Veil. Literally my favorite song of all time by them