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Nailed it. Perfectly  .....100 % true. Suffering  is part of leo because of ....loyalty n honesty.

Leos tend to give their hearts to the wrong people. sad but true!

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Leo: Tries to Protect their Feelings

One of true facts about Leo is their strong personality. Even when deeply hurt or facing the biggest obstacle of life, Leo can still show their adorable smile and say I'm fine.

It's true.  People THINK I love the spotlight.  That would be like loving my height... It just is.  I only love it because it's a part of me that happens naturally.  I don't choose it.

im a lot simpler than people realize. forget the spotlight, tons of friends or material things. deep down, i just want to be okay and able to trust the people i care about im a leo


For a Leo Money is great, but love is always more important.

So very true.... People that just take things for granted bug me so much