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I have learned it's better for my sanity to vent sometimes (that's when I call my mom) otherwise that contributes to my easiness of slipping into a depressive state


Usually Im not much for zodiac things but this hits the nail on the head. I need to use my brain more.

This is so True, if you don't show us affection, we will cool off and if you keep on ignoring, we get nasty mean, and say things we normally wouldn't!

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Leo's: This is so true ^_^ But you have to get to know us first bc we ALL are very quirky, spontaneous, we do not hide our crazy-fun side and that scares some ppl away.Those types are usually boring ppl anyway.

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That last sentence is rarely attributable to Leos; however, it's more like my personality and disposition than most horoscopes. Just sayin'!