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Vårblommande lök - Plantagen.se

Vårblommande lök - Plantagen.se

Trots att vi ännu har en jobbvecka kvar innan vi får   vår "riktiga" semester med bla. två veckor på Öland   kändes det NÄSTA...

optymalne, na pewno żwir pomiędzy i raczej pomaluję na brąz, choć nie wiem do…

This teapot terrarium would look great on your desk

20 Tiny Lil Gardens For Tiny Spaces!

TEA Pot Terrarium, Glass, Lichen and Moss Terrarium. Great for HOME or OFFICE. Terrariums by mossterrariums on Etsy.

Har du svårt att hitta på bra gå bort presenter, har dina vänner redan allt eller behöver du ett julklappstips? Ge bort ett slutet ekosystem, du kommer med all säkerhet göra mottagaren mäkta impone…

Slutet ekosystem på burk, bästa gå bort presenten!

David Latimer from Cranleigh, Surrey, with his bottle garden that was first planted 53 years ago and has not been watered since 1972 - yet continues to thrive in its sealed environment. The bottle garden has created its own miniature ecosystem.

How To: Throw a Terrarium Party (the charcoal is an important step to keep the mold out!)

How To: Throw a Terrarium Party

A good chart showing what to plant for a closed or open terrarium. How To: Throw a Terrarium Party (the charcoal is an important step to keep the mold out!

I love outdoor spaces filled with overgrown blooms, piles of mismatched pots, bits and bobs of weathered sculpture, and richly textured blankets of moss. Though moss could be associated with the words 'dilapidated' or 'swampy', it is actually a very healthy vegetation in that it has no known pests or diseases. It's also extremely forgiving and requires little to no maintenance. It's soft on your feet if used as a ground cover, stays green throughout colder months, and is really easy to…

How To Grow Your Own Moss

Gardening tips… how to grow your own moss. This is what I need to do on the pathway in the fairy garden I want to make!

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2effa3e9463a3828cf7bf17b1dcdacad.jpg 440×600 pixels