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Elf Couple | Finarfin nacido en Aman, tiene cabello rubio, un temperamento noble y ...


Daemon Blackfyre and Daenerys Targaryen I. (© ~liga-marta, Royal Couple) "Daemon Blackfyre loved the first Daenerys, and rose in rebellion when denied her.

Елена Куканова - Элу Тингол

A sketch for an illustration series for ''Children of Hurin'' by Tolkien Elu Thingol

Элронд (англ. Elrond) — эльфийский владыка, одна из главных фигур в истории Средиземья и в эпосе «Властелин Колец» Джона Р.Р. Толкина. Сын полуэльфа Эарендила (сына эльфийки Идриль и человека Туора) и Эльвинг (она была эльфийкой на 3/4, являясь дочерью Диора-полуэльфа и эльфийки Нимлот), брат Элроса, отец Арвен, Элладана и Элрохира. Родился в Гаванях Сириона во второй половине Первой Эпохи.


melkorslegacy: niyochara: Lord of Himring decided to upload this, even this ugly or my life wasted T.T niyochara: Lord of Himring decided to upload this, even this ugly or my life wasted T.

Melian was a Maia who served both Vána and Estë. She dwelt long in Lórien, tending the trees that flowered in the gardens of Irmo, and nightingales sung about her wherever she went. She was the most beautiful, most wise, and most learned in songs of enchantment of all Lórien’s people. When Melian sang at the mingling of the lights of the Trees, the Valar would leave their works, the bells of Valmar would fall silent and the fountains cease to flow, and the birds would hush their chattering.

A sense of foreboding by tuuliky on deviantART ---- Luthien Tinuviel fearing for Beren's fate

That land was even then not yet so evil as it after became, but it was no road for mortal Men to take without aid, and Haleth only brought her people through it with hardship and loss, constraining them to go forward by the strength of her will. ~ The Silmarillion, Chapter 17 (Haleth –sketch by EKukanova, deviantART)

Haleth, character sketch for the Silmarillion by Tolkien. graphite pencils, used stock-Aleida pink dress 8 by CathleenTarawhiti Haleth -sketch

Sólo amor y polvo enamorado

Beren, also called Beren Erchamion, was a man of Middle-earth, and a hero whose romance with the.

Luthien (le Silmarillion de Tolkien) par Kimberly80

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Orome - Silmarillion by Gervell

Spent too long on this trying toi figure out the colors I wanted and finally gave up “failing”. I’d like it to be more silver-ish since silver and white are my canon colors for Oromë. This is sorta part of a scene I imagined, when.

Silmarils of Feanor by Nikulina-Helena on DeviantArt --- Fëanor, Master of Art and Knowledge, Lightbender, Fire Spirit, Lord of Vision, Prince of the Noldor

Silmarils of Feanor by Nikulina-Helena on DeviantArt (Fëanor)

Finrod Felagund: Findarato by tuuliky.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Tuuliky - Finrod<<<seriously though I think Finrod is one of my favorite elves ever