by Andrea Rushing

African Lady - art by Andrea Rushing


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Jamaican art

We recently discovered these digital paintings by Mattahan. Paul Davey (aka Mattahan) is an illustrator from Manchaster, Jamaica. The name Mattahan is based on the patois pronunciation of Matterhor…

Tree Of Life by Keith Mallett | The Black Art Depot

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life is an African-American work of art by Keith Mallett depicting a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother looking thoughtfully upon an infant child while enveloped in a tree-patterned cover.

the Nebty ("Two ladies") - they symbolized a united Egypt and guarded the pharaoh; name was associated with the patron goddesses of Upper Egypt - NEKHBET (represented by as a griffon vulture) and Lower Egypt - WADJET (represented as an Egyptian cobra); often shown together - sisters

So you guys may know that I've entered this in a contest and ended up winning second place ! Queens of the Nile.


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paul davey art | Artodyssey: Paul Davey

"Cold Dossouye", by Paul Davey & Charles Saunders.

'Desk Partners' by Jonathan Gladding | Black Art In America™

'Desk Partners' by Jonathan Gladding

Fine Art and You: 20 Beautiful African Children Paintings By Dora Alis

Cartoon: The Color Purple (medium) by tobo tagged whoppi,goldberg

✯ Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple :: Artist Bob Doucette ✯

Kaaovale, Wild Elven Druid by Smolin on DeviantArt

adedrizils-shrine: “ Kaaovale, Wild Elven Druid by Smolin ”

african dia de muerta dreadlocks woman\ - Google Search

Tribal Royal by Augusto Kapronczai


brandiauset: “ Ngame - African Goddess of the Soul. The tribes of Ghana see Ngame as a moon deity, and believe She created the celestial planets. She gave humans souls by shooting lunar rays into them.

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In School or Slavery: Why UAA works hard to get kids into school.

Wil Cormier ♥ Wonderful! #ballet #dance

The Brazilian Queen