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Velociraptor mongoliensis by Herschel-Hoffmeyer on deviantART

Velociraptor mongoliensis by Herschel-Hoffmeyer on deviantART

Yutyrannus huali by ~Teratophoneus

Yutyrannus, the biggest featherd dinosaur found so far, is a big genus of tyrannosauroid theropod from china. It was about 9 metres long and estimated to have had a weight of 2 tons.

Spinosaurus project, Davide Bonadonna

Spinosaurus Project: digital and traditional sculpting of the lifesize model. More pictures and information at Davide Bonadonna’s fb

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus 2015 by DELIRIO88 on DeviantArt

My very first paleoart of the year. The subject is one of the dinosaurs most discussed of After almost a century after its discovery the appearance of Spinosaurus 

ArtStation - Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, James Bear

A Spinosaurus I made over winter break that kinda bled into the first semester of my senior year. As a side note god damn underwater scenes in Marmoset are difficult.

*Tyrannosaurus rex & *Edmontosaurus.  Art by Sergey Krasovskiy.

infinitemachine: “Dinosaur of the Day: Edmontosaurus vs T-rex by Edmontosaurus Family: Hadrosauridae Time: Late Cretaceous Place: North America Size (length): Tyrannosaurus “Tyrant.

Kronosaurus queenslandicus by Herschel-Hoffmeyer on DeviantArt

Popular All Time - Your spot for viewing some of the best pieces on DeviantArt.

Bagaceratops rozhdestvenskyi

Bagaceratops rozhdestvenskyi by Teratophoneus

velociraptor..... I think we should name them Spike & Ike

okay, those have got to be the happiest-looking (semi-realistic) velociraptors I've seen. And they look like they're doing a synchronized dance together.

Allosaurus fragilis.

There are far too few allosaurus in my gallery. So i decided to change that and give you my impression of how an adult allosaurus would look. Lion of the jurassic

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25 Concept Art and Illustrations of Dinosaurs - so much dinosaur goodness! by Daren_Horley and others # creature animals