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ArtStation - Qunari mage (Speedart), Максим Студеникин

ArtStation - Qunari mage (Speedart), Максим Студеникин

Qunari horns

his head was thicker and more proportionate to his horns. His horns were pointing frontwards - skin was scaly gray - clear vision while praying for someone

Humano Pirata

A part of the Renatus Collective is in charge of seeking out defectors, competitors or enemies, this is Glass-eye Wymond, a rather boisterous but cruel bounty hunter

ArtStation - Birdy, Arash Tirgari

# 11 Zadra Skugne - Skyjacker in Jupiters' Royal Guard, Avian Splice, Female (Born with wings) (ArtStation - Birdy, Arash Tirgari)

latest (786×1282)

Zevran concept art from Dragon Age. Most certainly not an Eldar, but one of the Quendi. Perhaps one who was free from Morgoth, yet never headed West and developed their own distinct culture while living in the East.