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DAI_never mess with the stormbulls by schl4fmuetze on DeviantArt. The way it should have gone.

My little herold xD She hates water, coz she isn't able to swim hah : D My dreamteam is Dorian, Blackwall and Cassandra! They're the strongest heh~ And I love Blackwalls voice, coz its the voice of.

Dragon Age Inquisition Comic - Varric and Solas

Dragon Age Inquisition Comic - Varric and Solas

DA2: thousand fahreheit hot. by Olivietta

When they finally come to destroy the earth They'll have to go through you first I bet they won't be expecting that The thousand Fahrenheit hot metal li. thousand fahreheit hot.

True love by emedeme on deviantART #DragonAge  (Legit my Warden and Morrigan)

You know it’s true love when your girlfriend turns into a ugly nauseating giant spider but she’s still the most beautiful woman in Thedas to you (◡‿◡✿) .