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rason-rodd: “Here’s an exclusive print that will be available at Shanghai comic convention this coming October - DEXTER SOY ”

Background by Susan Whitehurst

This is an original poem by Jason Tomlinson that pays tribute to the four Robins that have worked with Batman. Artwork by Susan Whitehurst. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Cool facts, sorry for the terrible grammar this has, its not mine << It's...

Jason Todd is my favourite Robin hands down. Redhood is one if the most greatest Dc characters. My hearts breaking T ^T

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Previous Pinner: Batman warning Robin about the Joker - Red Hood: The Lost Days. No Joker in the strip, but all about him. Jason Todd being one of my favorite characters.

Whenever Bruce is giving an inspirational speech he turns around to find this.  Also, Jason is eating popcorn out of his helmet.

I love how in the first photo Damian looks so high and mighty and in the second Jason’s just eating popcorn

Batfam + ao3 tags part 2!!!!!! jason todd

Batfam + ao3 tags part 2!!!!!! jason todd

Wolf Knight Made in zbrush‬ Rendered in post in Photoshop