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That sounds fun as hell Saab car with no steering wheel - WTF fun facts

Crocodile who allegedly killed 300 people - WTF fun facts

Crocodile who allegedly killed 300 people - WTF fun facts and is the reason the movie "Primeval" was made.

The Boiling Lake - Hmm! ...just where is this lake?  ~WTF? weird and fun facts

imagine at some point in the future, the country builds a prison over the lake and it's just like that boiling lake prison in ATLA!

﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ Its a Fact

now I'm going to be wondering which one it is everything I see an octopus

This Galapagos tortoise that died in 2006 at Steve Irwin's zoo was originally owned by Charles Darwin in 1835

Immortal Jellyfish.<<< this was spoiled already for me and everyone who ever watched Wild Kratts (I only watch new ones for info on animals, I barely pay attention to that fake science crap anymore. Or the villain. Or the storyline. Just the animals because I lost faith in humanity long ago.)

Immortal Jellyfish but can still succumb to disease and fatal injury. As long as it stays as healthy as possible and not get fatally injured it'll just keep "regenerating"

10 More Random Interesting Facts Comilation

10 More Random Interesting Facts Compilation, I remember the echolocation guy from Brain Games.

did you know? BTW, Mom is ok but the armadillo died on impact

That's what he gets for trying to kill an innocent animal. XD ๏̯͡๏﴿ Its a Fact

Group of scientists cannot find an island!  -WTF!?! Weird and not-so-fun fact

WTF Facts Comp The pizzas are called "McPizzas". It is mainly unpopular a WTF FACTS