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Dobby surrounded by work and his beloved socks, scarves, and hats. Hang in there, Dobby, Harry Potter will be there soon to release you of your imprisonment!

As far as we're concerned, you can never have too much Harry Potter and it looks like DeviantArt's Picolo-kun agrees! This artist has created a series of illustrated book pages for the spells of Harry Potter that are truly stupefying. I mean, they had us Petrificus Totalus with amazement. Er...enough spell puns, this is Riddikulus. Accio amazing illustrations!  It's LeviOHsa, not LevioSAH. Bet the troll wasn't too happy you finally figured that out, huh boys?    Lumos is the best spell to…

Amazing Harry Potter Art That Will Leave You Stupefied

WallPotter: Severo Snape/ Severus Snape

I just realized that Snape taking the DATA position may have been his own way of committing suicide. And he was turned down before so he could live long enough to kill Dumbledore.

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Harry Potter Memory on

Harry Potter Memory on

"You shall not harm Harry Potter!" ♡ ♡ My dog's name is Dobby in honor of Dobby. My dog also looks like Dobby a bit he has a long nose and long ears <<< That's so cool! Dobby is a free elf.