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Empire (UK)

Get a closer look at the new droid voiced by Alan Tudyk, on a new Empire Magazine cover for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Kotobukiya continues to crank out new Star Wars statues ahead of the Rogue One movie release with this scale ARTFX+ collectible that's coming in May

Galería de Imágenes: Star Wars: Carteles de Reclutamiento - Aullidos.COM

Imperial recruitment posters featuring pin-up girls by Feng Zhu (www.

Star Wars: Rogue One Illustration Series - Created by Shane Molina

pixalry: “Star Wars: Rogue One Illustration Series - Created by Shane Molina”

Star Wars

SF Tie Fighter Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections by Jason Fry

latest 540×1,420 pixels

Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Movie Masterpiece Series


X-Wing Fighter from office supplies . Reminds me of working in the lab. We made all kindsa crap. Like a pterodactyl Office DIY Decor, Office Decor, Office Ideas


pixalry: “Star Wars: Rogue One Illustrations - Created by Dave Dorman”




Très joli travail de redesign d’affiches de films de la part de la Lyonnaise Flore Maquin ! Flore Maquin is a French artist fond of movies, who redesigned a bunch of movie posters with talent…

日Bandai萬代玩具公司的S.H. Figuarts可動系列這次以還未上映的《星際大戰外傳:俠盜一號》為題材,將推出多款劇中的角色人物,首波預計推出的「死亡兵(DEATH TROOPER)」已經搶先曝光其宣傳照片與販售資訊,這次就是公開「K-2SO 」黑色的機械角色。在電影預告當中只有出現短短幾秒鐘身高很高的黑色機械人「K-2SO 」,肩膀上有著黑暗帝國軍標誌的圖案,原來是所屬黑暗帝國的機械人,在預告劇情上說明著它被"反抗軍"改造之後成為反抗軍中的一員,作品附有交換用手首左右各2種、專用台作支撐架(台座パーツ一式)等等配件,有興趣的玩具人不仿可以參考一下預告裡面極短的畫面,「K-2SO 」表現出有著說不出來的"無奈感"啊!提供給喜愛《星際大戰》系列作的玩具人參考。《星際大戰外傳:俠盜一號》Rogue One是即將在2016年年底上映的星際大戰系列電影之作,也是《星際大戰》電影系列當中的第一部外傳,目前公開的故事簡介講述銀河帝國建立後,一群反抗軍計劃偷走死星計劃書的冒險行動,星戰玩具人當然要再年底上映的時候,前進戲院一窺究竟得到解答啊!

Oh man, Bandai is ramping up for Force Friday by releasing larger individual pics and info for all of the Star Wars S. Figuarts about to go up for pre-order.