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Katherine of Aragon

Originally called Katharine Parr, now re identified as Catherine of Aragon, painting at Lambeth Palace

Catherine Parre -Catherine enjoyed a close relationship with Henry's three children and was personally involved in the education of Elizabeth and Edward, both of whom became English monarchs. She was influential in Henry's passing of the Third Succession Act in 1543 that restored both his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, to the line of succession to the throne

Queen Katherine Parr: “The Jersey Portrait”. The portrait known as “The Jersey Portrait,” was once thought to depict Lady Jane Grey. Through thorough research however, the conclusion is that this is a portrait of Queen Katherine Parr.

Henry VIII's 6 wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Bolyen, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Par

The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon (divorced), Anne Boleyn…

Tudor Queens - Catherine of Aragon, first wife of King Henry VIII of England....... by KristinaGehrmann

Kristina Gehrmann is a digital illustrator working and living in Hamburg, Germany. She specializes in fantasy, portraits and historical subjects. You may check out 30 quality artworks handpicked from her portfolio here.

Портреты Английских королей. Эмаль - Художественная галерея

Портреты Английских королей. Эмаль - Художественная галерея

François I with Eleanor, Queen of France  c. 1520-40

A three-quarter-length double portrait of François I with Eleanor, Queen of France.

Queen Katherine of Aragon, First Wife of Henry VIII "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (1970) - Annette Crosbie

Annette Crosbie as Katherine of Aragon in the BBC series "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" This was the portrayal that was physically the closest to the portraits of the historical Katharine.

Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife (detail). Attributed to Joannes Corvus, National Portrait Gallery, London.

May 1533 - King Henry VIII & Queen Katherine of Aragon's marriage is annulled by Thomas Cranmer.

Eighteen year-old King Henry VIII after his crowning in 1509, around the date he composed Pastime with Good Company.

as a young boy. Henry was the second monarch of the Tudor dynasty, succeeding his father, Henry VII.(who was the first monarch of Tudor dynasty)

Wax Figure of Katherine of Aragon at Madame Tussaud's in London. 1st wife of Henry VIII

Good Queen Katherine Wife no. Katherine of Aragon, daughter of The Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. Henry divorced her, bastardised their daughter Princess Mary and broke with Rome to marry his mistress Anne Boleyn.

Moro, Antonio La duquesa de Feria Segunda mitad del siglo XVI

Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria-EXCERPT:'A fervent Roman Catholic, sixteen year old Jane served as lady in waiting to Mary, Henry VIII.'s daughter by his first wife Katherine of Aragon.