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Katherine of Aragón (Catalina de Aragón), married Prince Arthur on 14 November 1501 in Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London. She was born 16 December 1485 at the Archbishop’s Palace in Alcala de Henares near Madrid, Spain died 07 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle, Cambridgeshire, England. Katherine was by birth related to both of Arthur's parents through the House of Lancaster.

Henry VIII Marries Catherine of Aragon: The Start of a 20 Year Marriage

By Michael Sittow. A young Catherine of Aragon, known at this age for her beauty. Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, wife to Prince Arthur of England and, more famously, to his younger brother Henry VIII.

"Unsolicited Advice For The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, Working Within Their Social Parameters And Not Suggesting They Just Invent Feminism Because That’s Anachronistic": http://the-toast.net/2015/11/11/unsolicited-advice-for-the-six-wives-of-henry-viii-working-within-their-social-parameters-and-not-suggesting-they-just-invent-feminism-because-thats-anachronistic/

Unsolicited Advice For The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

historysquee: “ Queens of England, Katherine of Aragon, 1485 - 1536 Katherine was born on December 1485 to the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. Katherine received a.

Catherine of Aragon wearing somber black punctuated with white pearls.  She uses pearls to mark boundaries in her hood (or the coif under it), her neckline, and sleeves.

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A previously unknown portrait of Catherine of Aragon (circa 1520) discovered by chance at Lambeth Palace has been put on display at the National Portrait Gallery, beside the circa 1520 portrait of her husband, Henry VIII.

Back together again … these contemporaneous portraits of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon can be seen next to each other in Room 1 of the National Portrait Gallery.

Catherine of Aragon. This portrait is said to be actually pretty close to what she truly looked like based on books on the topic.

Catalina de Aragón (Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII) Interesting to note that she has light eyes and hair.

The Heraldic badge of Catherine of Aragon, whose motto was, "Humble and Loyal."

Catherine of Aragon's Badge. Katherine Aragon Married Arthur Tudor in Widowed after 6 months. Betrothed to Henry in Married Henry VIII in Had one surviving child, Princess Mary who became Queen Mary I of England.

Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII and consort. Six pregnancies produced only one surviving child, Princess Mary (later Queen Mary I). She was the heir presumptive, at a time when there was no precedent for a woman on the throne. The Pope refused to allow the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine. The refusal set off a chain reaction that led Henry to break with the Roman Catholic Church, the establishment of an independent Church in England and his marriage to Anne…

Portrait length color image of Catherine of Aragon aka. Catalina de Aragón, by George Stuart.

Needlework of Katherine of Aragón, Coughton Court, Warwickshire.    Coughton Court

"""The needlework of Catherine of Aragon at Coughton Court"""" ----Research more on this later, another pin lists this as the coronation robes of CofA, not her personal needlework.

1st January 1511: In the early hours of the morning Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a son, Henry Duke of Cornwall, son of Henry VIII. Tragically the little boy was to die only fifty two days later on February 22nd. How different Tudor history and England may have been if the little boy had lived.

January On this day in history Queen Katherine of Aragon gave birth to a stillborn baby girl approximately six months.

Coin from the reign of Henry VIII during his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

Crown coin from Henry VIII's reign of A crown coin being from 1509 to 1533 during Henry VIII's marriage to Katherine of Aragon, hence the crowned 'K' opposite of the crowned 'H' for Henry.