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Haha soo true when I was in school! Just like "I need a pass to the computer lab during study hall, so I didn't have to study "

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Its more than a MINI heart attack.


Teenager Post Dear Math, I liked you a lot better before you and the alphabet started hooking up.


Teenager Posts Of The Week: Homework Tips And How To Twerk<<lol!


@ watching high school musical by myself


im a bad movie partner

Ha ha

Wake up in the middle of the night praying it's not the clock and it's Thank God!

I wonder?

I've always wondered if it's hard for the British to talk in an American accent even though it isn't hard for us Americans to talk in British accents.

Or when you have something very good to say but you word it very confusing and everyone things you're dumb, ME ALL THE TIME!!

Welcome to my awkward life. ♡, i hate it when this happens, ugh! it jst makes me soo mad

i'll still go first, man! i love haunted houses and stuff like that. :) woo-hoo!

hahahahha true that

I am rarely ahead, but when I am...

or i hate it when people turn their's in when i'm only on the second question. so true or you look who's done or not


Forget Teenager Posts this is me now

My sis and I!

i wish i could feel that mini heart attack

You start sweating, and you panic ❤️yep so true only w/me my phones in the other pocket


Hahahahaha so true, Or when you find out you were singing the wrong lyrics and the song makes more sense.

Truth is the 3rd one

Teenager Posts----- Stepping on Lego is one of the worst wishes you can wish on someone.