Hummingbird nest…

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Humming bird nest with eggs! I wish there were more humming birds in the city.

Hummingbird eggs.  the whole nest of a hummingbird is about the size of a quarter...I have never seen one...yet!

A hummingbird egg is the size of a tic-tac. The nest is the size of a golf ball.

Minha  casa  pequenina.

Black Cuckoo-shrike nest with eggs, South Africa. (Photo © Warwick Tarboton) - The nest is built solely by the female and consists of a cup built of moss and lichen bound together with spider web.

hummer ^

Rare Color Morphs from Project Noah. Huge variety of animals with color morphs. Love this albino hummingbird. Tons of pics at the link.

Baby hummingbirds

"Itty Bitty Hummers: Some females have been known to return to the very same nest year after year. But instead of house cleaning last years nest, she will build a complete new one right on top of the old one.

Tiny baby hummingbirds

Absolutely Beautiful and Sweet babies hummingbirds!

"Garden Hummers" - Hummingbirds - by Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll

"Garden Hummers" - Hummingbirds flutter around a cluster of gladiolas (by Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll)

How to get hummingbirds to nest in your garden.

How to get hummingbirds to nest! I love the mosaic look of the moss that humming birds sculpt onto their nests. Humming birds are very allusive but some people have actually trained them to trust the human hand.

Hummingbird nest…

Hummingbird nest…

Funny pictures about Hummingbird nest. Oh, and cool pics about Hummingbird nest. Also, Hummingbird nest.