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Harry Gruyaert was born in Antwerp, Belgium Having studied at the school of film and photography in Brussels from made his journey in photo

Ernst Haas, Colour Proof at Les Douches la Galerie, Paris

Ernst Haas brought the post-war world to life with his pioneering colour film work...

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I like this picture because it gives and ordinary perspective to the shadows of the people. Also, it is almost like an optical illusion because the shadows look like actual people.

Colour Photography

Ernst Haas (1921 – 1986) est un photographe autrichien qui a utilisé très tôt la couleur pour ses photographies, nettement de New York et des Etats Unis. Les photos suivantes ont toutes été prises au début des années 1960.

Ernst Haas

Color Photos of New York from the Ernst Haas is an Austrian photographer who began shooting color film in it’s infancy. The photographs posted here were taken in New York state during the late and

Ernst Haas

the yellow stands out from the black background, which gets your attention Pavement II, NYC, 1962 © Ernst Haas - "Beware of direct inspiration. It leads too quickly to repetitions of what inspired you.

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