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Sashimi Vs. Sushi Infographic

5 Basic Differences Between Sashimi and Sushi Everyone Should Know

Sashimi has no rice. Sushi is fish with vinegar rice underneath. Anything that is rolled in seaweed is maki-zushi.

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My babe and I make sushi for our friends. Sushi - this isn't entirely accurate, just to warn people: although the romaji for salmon say "sake", the Japanese word for salmon, the katakana says "sãmon"

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Sushi is the symbol of Japanese food worldwide. And the most iconic, most familiar, style of sushi is known as nigiri. Credit Hanaya Yohei, a sushi chef, for its popularity.


Sushi ga sukidesuka -- Or for us English speakers do you like sushi? How many types have you had? If you're new to sushi here are the 7 basics types. Which one is your favorite?


Exaltus produced an infographic for Wafu Inc., on 22 Delicious Sushi Fillings & Toppings. Browse this infographic and get inspired to make sushi at home!

Food as Art: The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi

A Visual Guide to Eating Sushi in Japan

Food as Art: The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi. Did you know that you should eat sushi fish-down, NOT rice-down? Or that you should only mix wasabi with soy sauce for certain types of sushi? Check out this for all things sushi.