All the pikachus :>

Attack of the Pikachus! The one with the big eyes that's getting a kiss is my favorite. he's so confused.<<< there are so many pikachus!

How Pokemon live inside a Pokeball

Life inside a Pokeball. Did anyone notice nurse joy sleeping with pikachu in the ultra ball?

Memes and Comics For The Gamers – 30 Pics #pokemonmemes

Memes and Comics For The Gamers – 30 Pics #pokemonmemes

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Hoenn League Starters - This gen was very hard to choose, but I probably relied on Treeko the most. Props to them all though.

How To Make An Origami Pikachu  Infographic

How To Make An Origami Pikachu. These instructions are terrible but I got it done! So cute :):

Jolteon en su naturaleza.

Name-jolteon nickname-shock type-electric moves thunder shock,thunder wave,discharge,double kick,thunder fang The Lightning Pokemon

Vector Illustration of different cat-based Pokemon. My main problem with this is…

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Wallet (cod: ev a) World of Ash


If I was ten and getting my first pokèmon out of bulbasour charmander or um. Somthin I would choose charmAnder the most loyal pokèmon ever to me

Naruto characters as pokémon

★ Please do not edit, reproduce or redistribute ★ This is why you shouldn't let me play Pokémon when I go back to the Narutardness.