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Funny pictures about Oh sure you are. Oh, and cool pics about Oh sure you are. Also, Oh sure you are.

Role models are important...and ending systemic racism will unleash untold creativity and promise!

It's easy to forget how important a Sci Fi show can be.

WHoopi Goldberg on realizing she could be what she wanted to be. Uhura on Star Trek was a role model.

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Dr. McCoy…

too funny...unfortunately it shows my age that I understand this

As well as having twelve feature films, Star Trek has five television series. Here they are, my least favorite to most favorite!

19 Funny TV and Movie Screencaps (1.1.13)

This is the best description i've seen of Spock and Bones' relationship.Bones is the sassiest Vulcan translator in the universe.


"Wind shall rise .and fog descend .so leave here, all . Very bad poetry captain :-) Spock sass Star Trek

I love this episode and I love this scene of this episode. This is like the fifth pin I've pinned to this board that is from a scene of The Trouble With Tribbles.

"a little joke, extremely little" - Star Trek - Chekov/Spock "The Trouble With Tribbles"

"Its, uh... Its for the children! Imma role model!" One of the best Picard scenes of all time

They Always Call at the Worst Possible Time

"Its, uh. I'm a role model!" One of the best Picard scenes of all time

I especially love that Kirk is mom. Because whenever I think of the two I think of Kirk as the mom and Spock as the dad

I don't ship it but this is too funny Also "I'm such a bad mom" "you're a wonderful mother captain"