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I miss my panda-tigress

Because if they could hurt her on the inside then she thought “well maybe I should start hurting the outside of me”

she screams to her rock, her Black Velvet guardian: "i'm fading won't you PLEASE come save your Babygirl..."

But then she found an awesome rock band who made her feel better and she fell in love with someone who loved rock music just as much as she did, and they got married, and had little emo kids.

Dreaming away or sleeping forever both sound lovely

dig a deep grave and take a long sleep please no want wants to see your ugly face

Sad how I wish someone would kill me when I wake up in the morning. Please before it's too late.

You have the nerve to call me manipulative? I was willing to do anything to prove my love to you, and you went out of your way to intentionally hurt me:((.you don't walk away from someone by text message, at least normal people don't!

I don't need there hands  I already have two.

unknown to those who do not know them well - they hold themselves to an even higher standard than they do others - which is nothing less than the standard of perfection and internalize failure in a deep and hidden way." This me!

i like to be left alone but when people don't notice i'm absent it hurts and i know its my own fault for becoming invisible for isolating myself but just once i want someone to notice to truly notice and care - Google-søk

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I'm sorry

This I'd the most absolutely terrible thing I've ever seen. Suicidal people are none of those things. We need to get rid of this fucking stigma.


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