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When a woman is loved correctly she becomes ten times the woman she was before. (Not necessarily by a man, let's note!) Love this, but a man doesn't make you a woman!

Never take women for granted

To Men : Never take a good woman for granted becuase one day another guy will come along and appreciate what you didn't

To become who God wants you to be for that special someone...

Many people are like garbage trucks

Being single isn’t a time to be looking for love. Use that time to work on yourself and grow as an individual. I feel that a lot of people need to hear this

I barely dodged this bullet, but so glad I did.

Add onto the list a cheater. If they cheated on someone to marry you, well expect them to continue the habit. Things that should have been taught by parents, along with warning signs for the above.

It is possible!! I finally found that person. :)

:( I know your heart, and I hurt for you that you deserve someone that is all in, right now, this very moment, excited to prove it. I'm sad.

Never prove that he is in love with you...

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Mohamed Ghazi - "I don�t agree on spending time with someone who is more attached to his cell phone...". relationships, friendship, friends, relationship, friendships, love, phones, attached, cellphones, mobiles

Floriano Martins - "There comes a time when all that remains for us to do is to surrender to the idiosyncrasies. individuality, self, identity

by ofelia

Choosing to be single isn't selfish. It's smarter to be alone than with the wrong person! -tested and true! Thankfully I found the right person now, and we're getting married!