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(1) Baggy Bulldogs - Baggy Bulldogs's Photos

They really do sit any where, any time, any place. But they are one of the most adorable breeds around. Here at The Pet Boutique uk our resident test puppy is Phoenix, a British Bulldog.

Baggy Bulldogs - Lego Bulldog

LEGO 'english bulldog' (I saw this at disney in summer @ lego store in downtown disney)

I am a big animal lover! Especially when it comes to English Bulldog puppies!

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English Bulldog Love

There's so much educ stuff in my box! AH- needed some CUTE! "Monkey" cuddling with his best friend, Bulldog.




What asshole-ish things have your owners done? Share with us by tagging me & and I'll feature the best ones:) Disclaimer: no animals were hurt making this. We don't want to see animal neglect, abuse or plain douchebaggery. Keep it fun and light hearted!

♥ Baggy Bulldog ♥

♥ Baggy Bulldog ♥

Look at that little guy! love the fattness and all those wrinkles! i just wanna cuddle with him!

If you've been looking for an English Bulldog puppy to brag about you've found us.English Bulldog puppies Ready for a good home with an excellent reputation. Note your average Bulldog puppies.

What to expect if your getting an English Bulldog, how to . My virtual bulldog channel