DROPS Knitting Tutorial: How to knit heel - standard decreases

In this video we show how to make a standard heel decrease on a sock, you will need to read a pattern with this t.

Judy’s Magic Cast-on for toe up socks or crown down hats.

Magic cast-on for toe-up socks. Maypbe someday I'll actually try knitting toe-up socks.

Not all feet are the same, so not all socks should be made the same! Get insight into sock fitting and knitting, and the measurements you'll need to make them perfect every time.

Sock Knitting 101: How a Sock is Supposed to Fit

How a sock is supposed to fit - details that affect the fit of handmade knitted socks By Kate Atherley

Socks of Kindness: getting started | Flickr - Photo Sharing! -- pattern is given at the Flickr site

Maybe this sock pattern could be converted to fingerless mitts. Socks of Kindness: free pattern included

Sizing for socks

Giant foot for measuring socks Shoe size to foot measurements chart for socks (from Crazy Toes & Heels sock book)

Invaluable-- chart showing foot length based on shoe size for knitted socks!

Chart rather than Tutorial comparing shoe sizes and foot lengths in inches. Perfect for adjusting foot length when making socks. How to determine the proper sock size.