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vintage fender skateboard ad

Vintage Fender Print Ads

Fender ad part of the "You Won't Part With Yours Either" campaign of the 1960's.

“You Won’t Part With Yours Either” Fender Ad Campaign – Forgotten Guitar

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Huge collection of vintage Fender print ads, many of them from the "You won't part with yours either" campaign by Bob Perine.

GREAT art! 1976 FENDER Ad - Little Red Riding Hood

1976 FENDER Mustang Fuzz-Wah Phaser Blender Little Red Riding Hood Wolfe Art Ad

The Marvelettes they sang Mashed Potato Time Love Letters The One Who Really Loves You Twistin' The Night Away Hey Baby Twistin' Postman Good Luck Charm Slow Twist Lover Please

The ultimate #ChristmasGift idea is only a click away. From tweed to Tolex™ #Fender #amplifiers have resonated throughout history. Wherever you go, you'll find #Fender

Perhaps the most iconic image from Robert Perine's "You won't part with yours either" Fender ad campaign.

Vintage Fender Ads

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Robert Johnson

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 1911 – August was an American blues singer and musician. His landmark recordings from display a combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent that have influenced later generations of musicians.