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Pug Pack

Can't think of anything better than 10 pugs! I love pugs.

Mom, there is no way I'm missing my gymnastics class. #kidsgymnasticsclasses #gymnastics #funnygymnastics #gymnasticsmemes #childrensgymnastics

Asian babies and pugs are two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world: This picture is perfection.

It reminds me of some of my friends!

Maximum level of cuteness reached. This is Boo. He'a a Pomeranian with very, very cute style.

Farker lilyspad showed us what happens when a dog gets flustered in this week's Caturday thread on Fark

omg this husky is like the random trust fall guy! (if you want to see the random trust fall guy the video is linked in my Great Video's board) Funny Animals Pics)

Ha! Cutest thing evah

Funny pictures about Superdog to the rescue! Oh, and cool pics about Superdog to the rescue! Also, Superdog to the rescue!

Puppy  --caucasian ovcharka

Bear sized puppy

Bear sized puppy - Ovcharka Mountain Dog, sometimes called Caucasus Mountain Dog. What an absolute beauty! Oh let me win the lottery, Lord. I need space, for I want an infinite number of dogs

Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 33 Pics

Come down to Silvertons Annual One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting Event and support local Las Vegas rescues. - My Doggy Is Delightful

Chewbacca Dog

Adorable Dog Dressed Up as Chewbacca Wins Third Place in Petco México's 'Star Wars' Photo Contest


Mama dog saves all her puppies from a house fire puts them safely in one of the fire trucks. This is so sweet.