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Russian Tradition: Bird-shaped bread rolls.  Every March, Russians celebrate the Day of 40 when, according to the belief, larks come back from the warmer lands where they spent winter. In the old days each family would welcome the birds with baking bird-shaped bread rolls. Those would be distributed to the children who would put them on the fence and sing songs to invite the arriving birds.

Touching delight for adults and kids these über cute bird shaped bread rolls are a perfect spring breakfast treat.

adorable bird bread rolls! They look easy to make.

Little Birdie Roll Recipe ~ A pictured tutorial with recipe on how to make adorable little bird rolls for Easter dinner.

Little Birdie Secrets: little birdie rolls {tutorial}

Little Birdie Secrets: little birdie rolls {tutorial} Idea for shaping gluten free rolls

Bread in the most interesting shapes

Bread Crust is the best part of bread, IMO and this is the crustiest I have ever made.

Say Goodbye to the Bread Basket on your holiday Table!!  This Savory Monkey Bread is amazing!!  http://FourSeasonGourmet.com/savory-herb-monkey-bread/

Serve fun, pull-apart savory monkey bread from Food Network Magazine in lieu of the traditional breadbasket this Thanksgiving.

diy easter rolls too cute

Easter Bread Photo: This Photo was uploaded by lisaedoff. Find other Easter Bread pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and.

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Almost too cute to eat. Recipe here.

16 Adorable Animal-Shaped Bread Recipes For Kids

Birdie Bread Rolls: These adorable bird-shaped rolls are just slightly sweet; not like a sweet breakfast roll, more like a slightly sweet dinner roll.

First, let me tell you that no actual bunnies were hurt in the making of this  bread. None at all. A lot of flour got thrown around, though.Bunny-shaped bread sounded like a simple, yet brilliant idea.  What could be so hard? Well, a lot of things. The first year I made it, I was  very pleased with the shape of the bunny when it went into the oven, but  apparently the oven was possessed. While a b

Bun(ny) in the oven: Bake up rabbit-shaped bread

Bird Rolls

Birds / For the Easter bread basket, slightly sweet tasting, totally sweet looking!

Russian Bread Cake ~ Note must use Google translate to read recipe.

Festive Bread -- recipe is not in English. Use your internet translator -- works perfectly.

Bird Rolls Allrecipes.com

Bird Rolls Recipe -I make a point of having these tender bird rolls "fly in" for Easter dinner. With their slightly sweet flavor, the grandchildren can't help but gobble them up.

Dog-Shaped Bread "Sleeping Dachshund Wiener Sausage Bread" | Cookpad

Dog-Shaped Bread Rolls: Sleeping Dachshund Wiener Sausage Bread