lunar-danse: Horst Janssen Mohnblume | Wallace Gardens

i picked up an art book at a garage sale - it is a monograph on the german artist horst janssen.


Watercolor on paper of a single tulip with two inked names along bottom “V. Yoder”, sight x in newer matt and frame, x Pennsylvania Fraktur, No date noted.

003-tulipan3-Karlsruher Tulpenbuch - Cod. KS Nische C 13- Badische LandesBibliotheK

Peroquet Rouge, Parrot Tulip, by George Dionysus Ehret Karlsruher Tulpenbuch, Badische Landesbibliothek, Karlsruhe

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the flowers with lines has a rougher texture compared to the flowers with solid colors, which just appears smooth.

ant colony giclee print by GollyBard on Etsy, $36.00

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Botanical illustration of flowers by Biodiversity Heritage Library

aulica platypetala glaucophylla, Glaucous-leaved broad-petaled Amaryllis - high resolution image from old book.