BENEDICT CONFIRMED SEASON 4. (I cant get enough of saying that x3 )) although now he's probably going to get in a lot of trouble with Moffat who's just angry he won't get to troll us anymore

The East Wind is Coming

BENEDICT CONFIRMED SEASON 4 (I cant get enough of saying that). Although now he's probably going to get in a lot of trouble with Moffat, who's just angry he won't get to troll us anymore.

The Michel Scott gif about sums it up.

So much awesome truths!

Ignoring the typo, this is SOOOO accurate. I'm also sitting here laughing about a "viscous villain". What's he made of, honey???

We have definitely gone insane.then again I loved Moriarty from the start so either I've been insane this entire time or that's just normal for the Sherlock fandom

We're fine. Absolutely... WALLS! THEY HAVE WALLS! It's an EMPTY ROOM. I've been saying forever that we're insane - but I think we're okay with it. C:

There is nothing wrong with me, my mother had me tested.

Sherlock Season 3........ This thrills me. And also grieves me, because it means that John's  STACHE OF DOOM will be present during the reunion scene.

We're already guessing/finding out what will happen before season man, we're special.

John Watson everyone!  #Sherlock #Martin #Freeman

John Watson everyone!(sorry for all the swearing.I thought it made it rather funny so I pinned it anyway)

Sherlock Soft Kitty

Sherlock to the tune of the "kitty song"


I vote that until Series Three, we call ourselves the Holmesless Network. // I second the motion. All in favor? // All in favor!// we are the Holmesless Network!

What's he talking about? *gasps* You mean there are people who don't watch Sherlock??? O_O That's it. I'm going to find Moriarty and have him deal with this...

I mostly agree. I could argue that Doctor Who and David Tennant own more of my affection than Sherlock and Benny.

It's true he does just get better looking.... I love you Gatiss way to keep it real lol

on whether Benedict still looks like Sherlock post-Star Trek

OMG THE COMMENT. XD Sherlockians are trolling the entire internet! XD

I'm so torn between laughing and hating my fellow fans for this.

I'd like to think it's because if I were like any of the characters in the show, it'd be her.

When I was a Freshman in High School.

So true.

A step by step guide on how to get yourself kicked out of the fandom.

that is so sad, i feel like most of these very sad things will never or never did happen but they are sad to see anyway

Sherlock personality quiz. My result: Mycroft. My favorite excerpts from the resulting description: "Organized, mysterious and well-connected, you’re a master of manipulation and surprisingly adept at kidnapping people." "You’re actually the smartest person in your family, despite the fact that most people tend to pay more attention to your more dramatic sibling."

Sherlock personality quiz - I got Sherlock! Though, he doesn't match me very well except for it's hard for me to make new friends and I am extremely loyal.

I know your pain, Dr. Watson :( Seriously, what are they waiting for?!

This is just as heartbreaking as Reichenbach.