On your NECK?

Alec and Jace

why can't he be a freewheeling bisexual like Magnus now only dudes get his glory

Alas, book Alec is not hotter than book Jace. In my opinion. Then again, I haven't read Magnus's in-depth description of Alec, so maybe idk what I'm talking about.

This is so true

Harry as Magnus gives me life

Yes. I love this series for a lot of reasons, but this is icing on the delicious cake.

I don't watch shadow hunters but fuck does it send a good message to those who do

LOL, IKR!! But, Malec is awesome so....anyone who compares me or my relationships to Malec has just given me the best compliment ever

ACC, I am an 800 yr old bisexual warlock who throws parties for his cat and an obsession for glitter, eyeliner and a shadow Hunter named Alec